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Flower Crown Workshop with Gillian Rose Galdy     1 space left!
Sunday, April 23 • 2-5pm • $45 per person

Want to wear a flower crown every day? We do too! That's why we are hosting this Flower Crown Workshop by Gillian Rose Galdy of Bloomin' Rose Flowers.  In this workshop you will learn to make crowns and hair pieces from start to finish, using silk or seasonal flowers.


Tarot Card Basics with Gina Wisotzky
Wednesday, May 3 • 6-8pm • $20 per person

Learn the basics of Tarot with Gina Wisotzky in this hands-on, fun introductory class. Become familiar with the major & minor arcana, the four suits, and the court cards as well as methods and tips for reading the cards intuitively. Participants will learn how to read a traditional three card "past-present-future" spread through in-class exercises. Take home a handout that outlines the class and provides quick meanings for each card that will help with at home learning.


Beginning Embroidery with Brook Heuts
Saturday, May 20 • 2-5pm • $45 per person

Join Brooke Heuts of Grey Goods Studio and explore the world of embroidery. Students will experiment with how to develop a personal stitch/mark vocabulary. Use thread as your mark making tool and fabric as your pages. Learn how to and experiment with optical mixing, cross-hatching, shading, gestural marks, scribbling, overlaying marks, creating gradations and building texture. These cloth "pages" will then be bound into an Embroidery Sampler Book to use for future reference and ideas. You'll leave class with thread, needles and a tension hoop so that you can continue your exploration of this captivating process at home.


Floral Arranging with Gillian Rose Galdy
Thursday, May 25 • 6-8pm • $45 per person

Learning to put together floral arrangements and bouquets is a creative, life  skill that will consistantly bring joy to you and your loved ones. In this workshop you will learn to make Traditional garden, compact and modern arrangements.



Nathan Somers is an elementary school teacher and has been working with natural fibers and dyes for the past 8 years. His inspiration comes from antique Japanese indigo dyed fabrics and their extensive use of unusual fibers such as, wisteria, kudzu, ramie, nettle, and upland cotton. Nathan grows and forages many of these fibers and uses them to spin and weave.

Gillian Rose Galdy is a Durham native and floral designer. Gillian started growing flowers from seed to bloom on Sol Patch Farm, which led to her dedication to sourcing local and ethically grown blooms from the Piedmont area. With a background in fine art, she brings a trained eye and artists' creative passion to her floral design. As a printmaker, attention to meticulous detail, color and composition became habit; Gillian's training and practice crossed over to her love of arranging flowers. Gillian looks to each arrangement, bouquet and crown as their own work of art deserving of their own attention to detail and care. Gillian was trained in floral design by Stephanie Garrett, AIFD, NCCPF, CFD from 2013 to 2014. She received a BFA in Printmaking from Guilford College in 2010.

Gina Wisotzky is a tarot reader and natural perfumer based in Durham, North Carolina. She has been reading tarot for fifteen years and loves sharing its inspiration and guidance with others. She offers warm and insightful readings in-person and online through her business, Incandescent Tarot that focuses on tarot as a tool for self-discovery and empowerment.

Brooke Heuts is the artist, textile  designer, website designer and all around aesthetic genius behind Grey Goods Studio. She is been making art and working with textiles since the late 1990’s and received her BAD from NCSU’s College of Art + Design & her MFA in Fibers from ASU in the process.  As a fine artist, her work examines the need for cloth, the substantial labor required in its making and most importantly, the resulting infinite bonds formed and shared by families and communities. When not making, you can find her cuddling Finnegan the coonhound & probably pruning tomato plants in the  backyard garden.

Anna Carson DeWitt is Durham-based portrait photographer, writer, doula and professor.  Shealways imagines the children she photographs looking back on their pictures as adults, and seeing clearly how interesting and wonderful they were as kids, and how deeply they are loved. Recent adventures include traveling the islands of Southeast Alaska by ferry as an artist in residence at the Island Institute, and riding shotgun with a women's health humanitarian organization as a documentary photographer in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. You can check out her family photography at, and her personal creative shenanigans at

Lindsay Perry crafts the healing potions of Full Flower Herbs from her home in Durham. Lindsay wildcrafts with a bias for abundant, weedy plants, and reverence for plant communities. She also sources herbs from her garden and local sustainable farmers, to create truly sustainable, high quality herbal medicine. She learned to make and use plant medicine through study with local and regional teachers, including Kim Calhoun and the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. Lindsay is happiest tending her herb garden or filling a basket with wild medicinal flowers. Helping others find plant allies and deepen their connection to nature and Mama Earth are pretty wonderful too.

Diana Cathcart  is a children's wear designer and natural dyer. She went to UNC for costume production and studied fashion design at FIT.  Aside from her toddler, her passions include local fiber, natural dyes, sewing, knitting, and dogs.



Intro to Loom Weaving
Ever wonder how tapestries are made? This class will take a peak into the magic world of weaving. In this intro to hand weaving class, students will use frame looms to create one of a kind tapestries. Students will learn how to wind their looms along with basic weaving stitches including plain weave and tapestry weave. We will explore how to create shapes within our weavings and how to use color to create dynamic effects. Students will learn how to take their weavings off the loom and hang them from wooden dowels. Beware, this ancient art is totally addicting! You will be able to take your loom so you can make weavings to your heart's content.

Modern Calligraphy 101
Join the handwriting craze by learning the basics of modern calligraphy. Radhika McDiarmid of Durham Made will introduce students to the tools necessary to start this addictive new activity. In the class you will get a feel for letter forms and learn some of the different strokes used in dip pen calligraphy. Bring your favorite quote in and at the end of class you can leave with it beautifully written on archival card stock.


Herbalism 101: Versatile Medicinal Herbs, Teas, and Tinctures
Join Lindsay of Full Flower Herbs to meet a few trusted and versatile herbal allies, including plants that offer support for stress and anxiety, allergies, inflammation, colds and other infections, digestive upset, and more. This class is designed to set you up with a basic foundation of knowledge about herbalism, a small working materia medica—basically your herbal repertoire—and the skills and resources to make your own teas and tinctures. Lindsay will demonstrate making a tea to enjoy during class, and we will craft a tincture using fresh medicinal herbs for each person to take home.


Classes are held at Indio at Brightleaf Square.
No experience needed and all materials included.

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