Indio Stands for Beauty

Our South, and the way we know it at Indio, is different. It's a salt-of-the-earth South, a storytelling South, a South as steeped in imagination and artistry as its summers are in cicada song and sweet Betsy.

Indio affirms revisions of Southern culture. We believe hospitality is built on something much richer and more authentic than tolerance. It requires fellowship-- with our community and customers; with artists and makers; with entrepreneurs and storytellers. This hospitality forges connections in our sweet Southern town, across our state, and across the globe.

We also cast off the traditional Southern ideas of beauty. While we acknowledge the charm of supper tables laid carefully with china, white-columned porches dripping in magnolia blossoms, ladies in flowered dresses sipping mint juleps, we know beauty goes deeper. The beauty we've defined for ourselves here at Indio thrives on community. It tells a bold, vibrant story meant to be seen and heard and shared.

Yes, we find beauty in the goods we carry. But we also think the search for these goods is beautiful because it forges connections between people. Most importantly, we know that the beauty of an object comes from how it is made. From the Milagros hearts handmade in Hidalgo, Mexico to the recycled sari rugs from India to pottery made right here in North Carolina, we seek work that speaks beauty through the hands of its makers – in a richness of materials and traditions. 

To Indio, this is beauty. 

And we want to know what beauty is to you: 

The bowl of oranges on your kitchen counter, 

your five-year-old daughter biting her lip in concentration as she writes her first letters, 

the first forsythia bush to bloom in the spring. 

Help us see it.  

We invite you to send us photos of what beauty is to you via instagram @indiodurham. Tag them #indiostandsforbeauty.