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Design Your Own Capsule Wardrobe with Jillian Lea

Design Your Own Capsule Wardrobe with Jillian Lea

Before you Marie Kondo your closet be sure you know what you want in it so that you have the clothes that make you feel your best. In this 2 hour workshop, participants will learn the basics of creating a Seasonal Capsule Wardrobe. Jillian Lea will introduce the variables that contribute to style and will guide you through a process that will help you get in touch with your own look. Worksheets will be furnished that will help with next steps which include auditing your closet and creating a shopping list.

Optional: Bring in the one piece in your closet that most closely aligns with your style.

Jillian Lea has always loved playing dress up. Her early love of costumes and fashion has blossomed into a passion for helping others find and develop their own personal style as a form of self-expression that feels comfortable and expresses confidence. Her specialities include fit, color and print, budget shopping, and style development. Jillian is an artist in her free time. She loves to sew, paint, make prints and cook.

$20 per person