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Full Moon Women's Collective with Aubrey Zinaich

March Focus: Projection and Prosperity

How can we use the natural energy of the Universe to aid us on our journey for self-fulfillment?  The Full Moon Women's Collective is intended for women who are interested in learning more about the natural energies surrounding us.  Each Collective Meeting we will discuss that particular month's moon energy, how to work with it and have open conversations about being women in this Age of Aquarius.  March's Full SuperMoon is in Libra the sign of Balance and governed by Venus the goddess of love, desire, prosperity & victory.  In this workshop we will explore how our identities are defined by others.  How can we see more clearly into our own souls without the filter of what we are told we should be?  Under this full moon we will gather to talk about our projection and our prosperity.  We will delve deeper into ideas of self-love and develop a greater understanding of our deepest personal desires and how to achieve them in this lunar energy.  Bring a journal and a pen.

Aubrey Zinaich is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, the Yoga of Awareness.  Aubrey's special interests include the daily morning practice of Sadhana, mantra, sound current & Kundalini & Buddhist meditation.  She enjoys spending time connecting with like-minded people in her community & working toward creating a more tolerant and open environment where all people can come together to have a voice.  She believes that "Happiness is our Birthright" as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

$25 per person

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