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May Full Moon Women's Collective

Full Moon in Scorpio--the Flower Moon
"Transformations & Shedding Old Habits"

How can we use the natural energy of the Universe to aid us on our journey for self-fulfillment?  The Full Moon Women's Collective is intended for women who are interested in learning more about the natural energies surrounding us.  Each Collective Meeting we will discuss that particular month's moon energy, how to work with it and have open conversations about being women in this Age of Aquarius.  May's Full Moon is in the sign of Scorpio governed by Pluto the force of change and Mars the planet of passion and activity.  In this workshop we will discuss the transformations that we go through as women throughout our lives and how we can continue to invite change and shed habits and patterns that no longer serve us. We will continue to work together with our intuition, our "Yes" and add in some ways to supplement change with herbal tinctures and crystal energies. Bring a journal and a pen.

Aubrey Zinaich is a local restauranteur, sommelier and Kundalini yoga teacher who is passionate about helping all people find their inner truth.  Her special interests include mantra, moon cycles, manifesting, sound current, Kundalini & Buddhist meditation.  Aubrey is inspired by the works of Thich Nhat Hanh and Guru Nanak.  She enjoys spending time connecting with like-minded people in her community & working toward creating a more tolerant and open environment where all people can come together to have a voice.

$25/per person

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