Rose Gold Plated Herkimer Stud

Rose Gold Plated Herkimer Stud


Designer: Baleen

Diamond studs that are suitable for even the “I’m-not-the-diamond-type” type of girl. We’ve left the natural quartz in it’s raw-faceted form and set it in a rose gold claw. Result: an organic-chic stud great for every day wear. Please note: slight irregularities may occur within the quartz. This is a good thing- it means that the pair you’re getting is one of a kind.

  • 14k Rose Gold-plated housing

  • 5 - 6mm Herkimer Diamonds

  • Each pair of earrings is completely unique

  • Herkimer diamonds are natural quartz found in Herkimer County, NY

  • Slight irregularities such as tiny chips and black flecks are normal as this is a natural stone

  • Handmade in Seattle

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