Who Is INdio? 


Wendy Sease, Founder/Owner

Wendy was born with a Southern storytelling gene – ask her to tell you sometime about one of her first-ever jobs, right here in Brightleaf Square!  Match that gift for storytelling with her roots in Durham, decades of experience in personal care products, and a wide circle of artist and entrepreneur friends, and you have the makings of everything that Indio stands for: natural beauty, community, and artistry. Wendy balances a down-to-earth style with a quirky, positive energy that you can feel throughout her store. Her eye for design and great laugh illuminate this former tobacco warehouse the same way the goods she features here will illuminate your home. Wendy always has a great story to tell, and her best collection of stories to date is Indio.


Pesto Sease, Shop Dog

Pesto was found in the middle of a country road in Orange County, North Carolina. It was his lucky day. He ended up with Wendy and now, 12 years on, the two are inseparable. Pesto loves being with his mom in the shop. His favorite thing to do is to ignore customers, much to the chagrin of the many dog lovers that come from near and far to shop at Indio.