The Story    

Our artfully curated collection of home goods is a joyful celebration of our little corner of the South and the country as a whole, as we strive to carry locally produced and USA-made goods. We seek out beautiful, well-made things at prices people can afford: beautiful things for all people. 

Community is essential to good business and beautiful art. We want to tell you the stories behind all of our products and the makers who create them. Here’s what you’ll find when you step through our doors: Wendy explaining how a local potter uses kitchen gadgets to create the texture on her mugs and vases, an artist-led workshop on how to construct a Polish pajaki, customers in lively agreement about the merits of the natural deodorant we carry (it really works!). This is what we’re about at Indio: building community and creating beauty that is bold, accessible, and natural. Beauty that tells a story.